Asset Management

Local Private Equity & Special Situations Funds
Determined to be the choice partner for growing business, we pride ourselves on our institutional approach for running investments and managing companies. Our local private equity funds leverage on the notion of the “better partner” where we invest in companies with a clear proposition of providing better governance and disciplined growth, creating a conducive atmosphere for those who strive to continue fulfilling their growth potential. We incorporate such an approach into Saudi focused public companies, through Special Situation Funds and private companies through Private Equity Funds.

While we acknowledge the limitations that local investors have in targeting the right international investments, Nitaq Capital has built a broad network of global managers, which can be efficiently accessed through pooled funds and separately managed accounts; all of which are managed by Nitaq Capital with a highly disciplined institutional approach.

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Investment Advisory Services
Nitaq Capital team has first-hand experience in devising suitable investment strategies and setting the proper governance framework for Family Holdings and Endowments. Through its Investment advisory services, Nitaq Capital assists its clients in identifying portfolio allocation that best meets their objectives while taking into consideration their constraints.

Real Estate Advisory Services
As we acknowledge the challenges of having illiquid and highly concentrated real estate positions in most of Saudi investors’ portfolios, we make our services within the reach of our clients and offer professional assistance in monetizing concentrated real estate holdings and creating a well-diversified real estate portfolio that covers the clients’ objectives.

For more information about our advisory services, Please contact the Advisory Department using our contact Information